Online Learning at Stony Brook




Stony Brook University has been offering distance education/online/computer-mediated learning for over 15 years and has recently made online learning a university strategic priority.   For more information on our campus online efforts, see the Provost's website for Online Education. 

With this growing interest and excitement in finding new ways to deliver instruction, engage students in the virtual classroom and provide access to students around the world, faculty are seeking new opportunities to try technologies that enable teaching at a distance. 


Stay involved and informed about online teaching and learning at Stony Brook!  

We occasionally send out notices on grants, funding, research, and news of interest about online teaching and learning.  By joining one or more of these communities, you can stay involved and in-the-know:

Join our SBU Online Yammer Group 

TLT is committed to supporting online courses and programs that ensure rigor, support student success and provide an exceptional teaching and learning experience.  We encourage instructors to call on us for:

  1. Staff expertise in online course design and technologies to support student learning;

  2. Workshops and training in online teaching;

  3. Providing online course design advice based on research-based standards using Quality Matters (QM) or the Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence Course Quality Rubric (OSCQR).