The Spring Colloquium and showcases at Stony Brook University are an opportunity for faculty and students to speak candidly about their experiences using ePortfolios. In the past, students have presented their ePortfolios to faculty using a projector and laptop and later expounded upon their ideas in group or individual interviews and focus groups. These gatherings have become the pinnacle of student-driven success with ePortfolios at Stony Brook.

5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium 

First row, from left to right: Wolfie Seawolf receives an award for his ePortfolio; ePortfolio Consultants finish setting up the Colloquium; Conversation with Tracy Penny Light and Faculty; Dr. Cynthia Davidson receives an award for excellence in teaching; Engineering Students hold their awards; Kelly Driscoll, Co-Founder and President of Digication, presents awards with Catherine Scott from the Faculty Center.

Second row, from left to right: Nicole Gartner holds her award; Consultants stand with Wolfie Seawolf and Dr. Robbins; Dr. Robbins presents an award.

At the 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium at Stony Brook University, students and faculty from all over New York and the Northeast congregated to discuss innovative teaching techniques. Conversations ranged from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to ePortfolios to the future of teaching. Keynote speakers included Dr. Tracy Penny Light, Director of Women's Studies at the University of Waterloo and Associate Professor in the Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies and History Departments at St. Jerome's University and Vijay Kumar, Director of MIT's Office of Educational Innovation and Technology. Students and faculty received awards for their ePortfolios from a wide range of departments at Stony Brook such as the Career Center, office of the Vice-Provost and Provost as well as from Professor Tracy Penny Light from University of Waterloo. Wolfie Seawolf, Stony Brook's beloved mascot, also received an award for his ePortfolio.

From the thousands of ePortfolios in the Stony Brook ePortfolio Directory, approximately thirty students were chosen to present their ePortfolios at the Spring Colloquium. These students met one-on-one with an ePortfolio Consultant to receive critical feedback regarding the content, organization, and aesthetics of their ePortfolios. At the Colloquium, they attended an award ceremony and later presented their ePortfolios to the faculty attending the Colloquium.

4th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium 

First Row, from left to right: Faculty and Student shake hands; Rachel, ePortfolio Consultant, presents her ePortfolio; Student showcases ePortfolio; Harsh, ePortfolio Consultant, presents his ePortfolio; Student discussion group; Nancy Wozniak, ePortfolio Program Manger stands with students.

Second Row, from left to right: Nancy Wozniak stands with ePortfolio Consultant and Faculty; Colloquium presentation, Helen L. Chen gives the keynote speech.

At the 4th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium at Stony Brook University, faculty from the tri-state area as well as students and faculty from Stony Brook congregated at the ePortfolio Institute to discuss ePortfolios and the role of reflection in modern education. Helen L. Chen, researcher in the Center for Design Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the project director for ePortfolio Initiative at Stanford University, was the keynote speaker.

Students presented their ePortfolios to the faculty present and sat down for a focus group to discuss their thoughts on ePortfolio and ePortfolio initiatives.

3rd Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium 

From left to right: Student holds her award; Dr. Robert Boice gives the keynote speech; Student films the Colloquium.

At the 3rd Annual Teaching and Learning ColloquiumDoctrina Vitae, "the Teaching Life, students and faculty came together to discuss building a successful academic career. Dr. Robert Boice, tenured and emeritus professor of psychology at Stony Brook University, was the keynote speaker and gave a presentation titled "Professor and Imagination: Mastering Mental Imagery to Improve Teaching/Writing and Reveal Hidden Genius".

Students sat next to posters featuring excerpts from their ePortfolios along with a projector and laptop in order to show attendees more content from their ePortfolios.