The ePortfolio Process

The Culture of Integrative Learning at Stony Brook University

While the ePortfolio program at Stony Brook University is only a few years old, the presence of ePortfolios has blossomed throughout campus. Initially instituted as a mandatory component of courses in the Writing and Rhetoric Program, Engineering, and undergraduate college of Leadership and Service, ePortfolios have spread across a diverse array of departments and are now being picked up by students of their own accord - independent from any mandatory course. 

The driving force behind students taking control over their ePortfolios is a sense of ownership over their experiences as well as inspiration from their fellow classmates. As students view each others work through events such as annual colloquiums, student-run workshops, and presentations at the end of their courses, they feel driven to perfect their own body of work. 


Students Leading Students

ePortfolio Consultants Preparing Materials

ePortfolio Consultant Presenting to a Freshman Seminar Course

ePortfolio Consultant Helping a Student Create an ePortfolio

ePortfolio Consultants are a mix of undergraduates and graduate students dedicated to enhancing the ePortfolio program. They create and lead workshops, give presentations to classrooms, reach out to students at events such as on-campus Job Fairs, organize ePortfolios into course/professional categories, help plan and execute the Spring Colloquium, and are generally the first point of contact for helping and teaching other students how to create ePortfolios. 

While the student consultants can be instrumental in conveying the importance of maintaining an active ePortfolio to new students, it's the dedication of faculty that can truly change a student's opinion on ePortfolios. When students see their faculty commenting on their work, they begin to realize how involved their instructors are in their education and consequently begin to place an even greater value on the time both student and instructor invest in education.

5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium 

Under the guidance of the Faculty Center and ePortfolio Program Manager, Nancy Wozniak, the ePortfolio consultants invited students with active model ePortfolios to present their ePortfolios to faculty from Stony Brook and institutions from all over the Northeast at the 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium. Students received awards from a wide range of departments at Stony Brook such as the Career Center, office of the Vice-Provost and Provost as well as from Professor Tracy Penny Light from Waterloo University. Wolfie Seawolf, Stony Brook's beloved mascot, also received an award for his ePortfolio