Are you interested in more deeply engaging your students in learning? Instructional technologies can help you do just that, and the Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) is just what you need! Sign up today!

What is TOEP?

The SUNY Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) is an on-demand discovery learning professional development model. The goal of TOEP is to encourage faculty and staff across SUNY to explore and reflect upon the use of emerging technology tools to expand tech-infused pedagogy. This program gives participants an opportunity to experience tools first-hand, reflect on their own learning, and interact with peers and colleagues in an online learning community.

Look at the SUNY Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) - Introduction video for more information about the program.

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Quest Badges

Why Enroll In TOEP?

In addition to all the resources and tools you will gain from this program, TOEP offers incentives for those who finish the program. TOEP offers professional badges in several forms. There are several types of badges, including Community, Quest, and Mastery badges. The badges indicate a certain level of dedication to the program.


  • Community badges are issued by your fellow learning community.
  • Quest badges are awarded for the completion of learning activities within the learning space.
  • Mastery badges are awarded after completing of a number of requirements and indicate the completion of several sections of TOEP.


TOEP also offers the chance to earn professional development award incentives. The 1st place in a professional development award is valued at $300 (issued in SUNY CPD point) each plus a TOEP Community Badge. This is awarded for the most pedagogically intriguing use of a TOEP tool as evidenced through postings to the TOEP Community.

What are the results?


TOEP Survey Results

How can you get connected?

Visit the TOEP Website to register and get more information.

Follow this link to complete your registration and become a part of the TOEP Community.

Or contact: TOEP Contact: Robin Sulllivan

SBU Contact: Radha Ganesan