Patricia Aceves
Director, Faculty Center
Research Professor, Department of Technolgy & Society

Patricia's career began 17+ years ago, developing quality online programs for adult learners; today her work with adult learners continues as she leads a team of professionals in faculty development for teaching, learning & technology.  On a daily basis Patricia is involved in faculty development, policy and strategic planning, fiscal management and leading staff in a common goal of service. Patricia's goals this year are to help build capacity and quality in online course offerings, collaboratively develop faculty teaching observation and assessment protocols, improve student learning experiences through course assessment and evaluation and to build a sustainable Women's Leadership Network at Stony Brook.

Patricia is currently an active member of:
SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE)
University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
ACE Women's Network of New York

Throughout her career, Patricia has demonstrated the ability to effectively work with teams of faculty, administrators and technology leaders, to construct programs, seek and gain funding and use her skills in networking, collaboration and conflict resolution to build consensus and meet objectives.


Lorraine Carroll
Opscan Supervisor

Lorraine Carroll, a native Long Islander, has been a part of the SBU community for over 13 years.  Lorraine began her career at Stony Brook Hospital as part of the Carol Baldwin Breast Care Center in 2002, and transitioned to the west campus in 2011 where she joined Teaching, Learning + Technology.  Since that time, she has effectively managed the Opscan/Test Scanning Office in the Faculty Center.  Lorraine and her graduate staff process over 1,200 exams in an academic year and provide faculty with results quickly and accurately.  Lorraine also assists in the administration and support of the university’s online course evaluation system.  She enjoys the spirit and diversity of the Stony Brook student body and is a devoted “Wolfie” fan.


Treasa Mathias
Senior Administrative Assistant, Office Manager

Treasa is the Faculty Center’s Senior Adminsistrative Assistant and Office Manager, and has been with the Faculty Center since November, 2010.  Prior to her arrival at the Faculty Center, Treasa served as the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Chief Information officer for 15 years.  In addition to her role as Administrative Assistant, she also served as a mentor and instructor for International Transfer Students from 2003-2013.  Treasa holds an M.A. in Social Work and Secondary Education, where is she is certified to teach English Education, grades 6-12, as well as an M.A in Literature. 

Catherine Scott
Assessment Specialist

As the Faculty Center Assessment Specialist, Catherine provides assistance and support in programmatic assessment and development, as well as course-level assessment in strengthening student learning outcomes.  With 7 years of experience in planning, programming, and supporting faculty and staff in assessment related activities, Catherine provides expertise in survey, test and rubric development, as well as conducts focus groups and prepares statistical reports supporting assessment activities.  Prior to her current position,  Catherine served as a Professional Assistant at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) in the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.  While at SCCC, she was involved in various aspects of the assessment process to improve student learning and student services, while she was primarily responsible for generating descriptive statistics from data gathered through various college initiatives and researched student performance data for governmental reporting.  Catherine holds an M.A. in Public Policy, as well as an M.A. in Higher Education Adminitstration.


Linda Unger
Senior Instructional Designer

Linda arrived at the Faculty Center this fall as a Senior Instructional Designer, having come from the School of Professional Development where she managed the day-to-day operation of SPD’s fully online degree and certificate programs for 9 years. An instructional designer with over 25 years of experience in educational technology and teaching, she was primarily responsible for online course development, faculty development and ongoing faculty support. Prior to her arrival at SPD, Linda was an adjunct lecturer in Stony Brook’s Department of Technology & Society, consulted full time with educational publishers such as Discovery Channel School, Addison Wesley/Scott Foresman, Barron’s Educational Series, Broderbund Software, ABC-CLIO, and with education departments of institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo), the Museum of Modern Art, and Peace Corps’ World Wise Schools, among others. She also served as the Content Provider Liaison for the Educational Enterprise Zone, a state-wide videoconferencing initiative funded by Verizon and a Technology Innovation Challenge Grant. Linda holds a B.A. in History Education, an M.S. in Instructional Technology with a special focus on distance teaching and learning, a Sloan-C Certificate in Foundations of Online Education, and a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Certificate.

Nancy Wozniak
Learning Architect, Senior Instructional Designer

As Stony Brook University's first Learning Architect and ePortfolio Program Manager, Nancy works as a member of the Faculty Center team and collaborates with faculty on course design and the creation of student-centered learning environments. One of her recent projects includes the successful implementation of integrative learning and career eportfolios at Stony Brook.  With over 15 years of instructional design experience and teaching in higher education, her specialties include traditional, online, and hybrid course design, proactive classroom management strategies, the design and creation of interactive learning objects using digital media, course and program assessment with rubrics and eportfolio, creating communities of learning in the traditional and online classroom, game-based and experiential learning designs, and the use of cloud technologies and social media in the classroom. Nancy is an active member of the SUNY Faculty Development Community of Practice and the SUNY Team ePortfolio group and also serves on the AAEEBL (Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidenced-Based Learning)Program Committee.