Best Practices Begin with Course Design

Teaching, Learning & Technology endorses quality online course design through both Quality Matters(QM) and Open SUNY's Online Course Quality Rubric (OSCQR). Interested in attending a workshop on quality online course design?  Contact us at

Quality Matters is a proprietary rubric and cannot be shared outside of our campus. Stony Brook is a QM subscriber campus and can provide faculty with training on how to use the QM rubric and advice on how to build an online course using QM Best Practices. The Faculty Center's instructional designers utilize QM Best Practices in their course design training and consultations. They are certified QM peer reviewers and trainers. Quality Matters (QM) is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to the continuous improvement in online education. 

Similarly, Open SUNY's Online Course Quality Rubric is a research-based review instrument for revising and guiding the design quality of courses in addition to conducting internal peer reviews.

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Want to Know More?

Instructional Design (Illinois Online Network) An ever-changing collection of articles related to teaching online (including Tip of the Month), basic resources, and spotlight issues. 

Research on Best Practices (San Juan College) Divided into 4 sections: content and structure, communication, assessment, and references

Rubric for Online Instruction (Cal State Chico, 2009) This site is designed to illustrate what a high quality online course looks like. It also offers the option to view exemplary courses in which instructors have implemented the rubric.