Faculty: owner, decision-maker, information provider, and assessment data user

Faculty have the responsibility to make critical assessment decisions, help gather information, report assessment results back to students, and act upon the assessment feedback to make modifications to their courses.

The Faculty Center: facilitator and consultant, not the evaluator

Faculty Center staff will work with faculty to optimize assessment implementation through extensive support and consultations. The Faculty Center will provide data analysis services to reduce faculty workload involved in assessment.

Administrators: coordinators, and assessment data users

Administrators brought in by faculty will help coordinate the assessment activities, and provide resources and support when needed. With faculty's specific permission, administrators will also have access to the assessment results to help make assessments useful and beneficial.

An assessment plan is the starting point of assessment, but not the final word. It can be modified at any time as decisions are made to sharpen or extend the objectives. It is important to keep in mind that an assessment plan should be continuously reviewed and improved throughout the assessment process.