ped·a·go·gy : 

the art, science, or profession of teaching; especially :education

noun \ˈpe-də-ˌgō-jē also -ˌgä-

Anyone whose work involves teaching (graduate TA, postdoc, new faculty, experienced faculty, adjunct faculty, online faculty, etc.) will benefit from ongoing professional development in the art of teaching which we often refer to as pedagogy.  Our work in the Faculty Center evolves from the seminal work of John Dewey, Paulo Friere, Malcolm Knowles and many others whose research and passion was teaching. 

What does the Faculty Center do?  Our mission is to support the work of faculty in the classroom from creating curricula, syllabi, active learning teaching strategies, assessment and evaluation to using leading-edge technology to engage students and deliver content.  
"Our work knows no boundaries, only the vision of what you want to accomplish in your classroom."