Assessment Symposium


            08:30 - 09:00am     Breakfast and Networking

            09:00 - 09:30am     Opening Address – Patricia Aceves

            09:30 - 12:00pm     Curriculum Mapping for Effective Assessment featuring Michael Heel (Click for presentation)

            12:00 - 01:00pm     Lunch

            01:00 - 3:30pm       Breakout Sessions Featuring:


"Data Visualization" by Chuck Powell

“In this session we’ll explore the natural synergy between assessment and data visualization.  As you collect data that informs your understanding of student outcomes or attempts to measure the impact of your teaching intervention, data visualization tools can be an important aid in improving not only your own understanding but also in communicating your results to a wider audience.  A picture truly can be worth a thousand words, but only if it is a thoughtful and accurate presentation of the underlying data.”

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"Using Qualtrics for Assessment" by Ahmed Belazi 

“This session will discuss best-practices and strategies for making the most of the research suite known as Qualtrics. Participants will learn both basic and advanced techniques towards meeting their assessment needs. The session will be both interactive and participant driven; and will cover a range of topics including building and distributing your assessment to analyzing and reporting its results.” 

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"Evidence of Student Learning" by Catherine Scott

“How do we know if SBU students are achieving the student learning outcomes we’ve articulated? Through evidence- evidence that can be collected in various ways and at different points. This session will discuss best-practices and methods utilized in collecting evidence of student learning to inform actionable interventions. Participants will engage in interactive activities that include building an assessment plan and determining the appropriate evidence needed to assess our outcomes.”

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