A successful General Education curriculum requires an effective and useful assessment plan. There are many models for assessment out there, and there is growing interest in assessment plans suited specifically to General Education and Liberal Arts curricula. Below you will find some links to some important sites on Assessment. Alongside each link there is a brief description of the content. We encourage you to send us links to other useful sites and resources. We will announce updates to this page as we make them.

Stony Brook University has recently completed a revision of our general education curricula and are in the process of revising the gen ed assessment plan.  http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/provost/category/initiatives/gened.html


Stony Brook Report on General Education http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/provost/pdfs/genedreport2-1-13.pdf

Stony Brook General Education Curricula: http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/provost/pdfs/genedsum2-13.pdf

AAHE Assessment Forum—The American Association for Higher Education is a leader in the area of Assessment for General Education and Liberal Arts curricula. The Assessment Forum is a central resource and clearing-house for materials on assessment methodology, assessment of student learning, outcomes-based assessment models, faculty development and assessment practice, the use of assessment for formative and summative purposes. This site contains links to several useful articles and to a wide range of listservs for those of you looking for an interactive resource on assessment.


AAHE Forum, Assessment Websites—This is a terrific resource, containing links to a remarkable number of websites on issues as diverse as assessment glossaries, assessment guidelines and standards, general readings on assessment, assessment bibliographies, assessment organizations, planning an assessment program, designing assessment goals and objectives, assessment instruments and tools, assessment of critical thinking, assessment of writing, and more. This is one of the best collections of materials on the subject.


AAHE 2002 Assessment Conference—This year’s AAHE Conference on Assessment takes place in Boston, MA, 20-23 June 2002. We include this link for those of you who might be interested in attending, but also to offer a sense of the issues that are most on the minds of assessment professionals. The site also includes several useful links.


The ERIC Clearinghouse for Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Information—This is another excellent resource, with links to over 400 full-text on-line books in an Assessment Library. Includes links to Assessment Resources, Suggested Readings, and Calls-for-Papers for those interested in research and conference opportunities in the field. This is an important site.


The ERIC Full-Text Library on Assessment—A direct link to the ERIC Assessment Library.  An invaluable resource with book-length works focused on a wide range of assessment issues. Over 400 works available.


Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation—This is ERIC’s on-line journal on Assessment and related topics. It’s stated purpose is "to provide education professionals access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice, especially at the local education agency (LEA) level." This journal contains the most up-to-date research in the field, offering covering on both the theory and practice of assessment. Another great resource.


NCSU Planning and Assessment Program—This is the homepage for NCSU’s Assessment Program, which is useful in offering a view of what an actual assessment model looks like. Includes outcomes assessment plan, assessment of undergraduate learning, and links to other assessment resources. This site is also helpful in that it belongs to a school in the UNC system.


NCSU Assessment Resource Page—This is another good link to internet materials on assessment, many of which come from the sites above, but which are well organized on this page.


Northern Illinois University, Assessment Plan for General Education—This is a concise example of an assessment plan targeted specifically at General Education. Includes statement of General Education goals, a list of methods for assessing those goals, and other useful materials. Good for an idea of how schools are approaching targeted assessment.


General Education Assessment at Ferris State University—Another assessment plan with links to specific assessment instruments, including a link to the FSU General Education page.


General Education Assessment Plan, Dixie College—Dixie College has been working on assessment of General Education since 1994, and implemented their plan in 1996. The website offers a clearly articulated vision of targeted assessment, with links to assessment philosophy, measurement, schedules, and instruments. An informative site. 


Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Clemson University—Clemson’s Assessment site, with links to assessment schedules ("cycles"), records, forms and instruments; also, the site links assessment directly to the SACS Accreditation process.


Assessment of General Education, Clemson University—A site with links to General Education assessment at other schools.


Assessment of General Education, University of South Carolina—A very complete site, with materials on assessment goals, criteria, and instruments. Also, the site contains materials on the "course-embedded approach" to assessment of student learning.