Steps involved in designing an assessment plan include:

  • Refer to or create mission statement for overarching guidance 
  • Identify assessment needs
  • Define learning objectives for the course/program-What are the measurable action statements that demonstrate achievement of the stated goals
  • Determine provisions for administering the assessment plan
  • Conduct an inventory of existing and needed assessment methodologies
  • Select assessment instruments and measurements
  • Identify assessment criteria and standards
  • Determine how data will be collected and analyzed
  • Produce an Assessment Report highlighting findings from data
    • Reporting Quantitative Results-general rules for governing how to report numerical and statistical findings, including the consideration of the visual presentation of data in tables as well as charts and graphs
    • Coding and Reporting Qualitative Data-determine the most efficient way to code and analyze qualitative data, as well as how to present these data in the most expressive and effective manner
  • Design a timely feedback mechanism
  • Develop a plan to implement and monitor changes

Assessment Plan Examples: 

Academic Area Institution 
Physical Sciences  
Geology San Diego State University 
  Carlton College  
Chemistry  Iowa State University  
  University of Alabama
Life Sciences  
Biology  Indiana University 
Anthropology University of Wisconsin
Social Sciences   
History University of Illinois  
Political Science University of Wisconsin 
Fine Arts and Humanities 
Religious Studies University of Colorado/Denver 
Art History University of Nebraska Kearney
Asian Studies SUNY New Paltz

Assessment Plan Template:  

Use the Departmental_Assessment_Plan_Template to help your program stay organized and on-track during the assessment process.  This will allow you to document and clearly define objectives, tasks, results, etc.   

Assessment Plan Checklist:

Use this Assessment_Plan_Checklist as a quick and easy way to ensure you are considering some of the important details in designing a quality assessment plan.


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