Faculty Teaching Observation - Classroom Visit

During a typical observation, a Faculty Center staff member observes the instructor's teaching methods, students' behavior, instructor-student interaction, and instructor's behavior, or specific aspects of the class session the instructor is concerned about. An instructor may also request video-taping of their classes forfuture review and analysis.

Once a class visit is requested, a Faculty Center staff member meets with the instructor to discuss observation criteria and the nature of the class being observed. The instructor may choose to use the observation checklist developed by the Faculty Center, or develop a new checklist with the assistance of The Faculty Center to serve his/her specific needs.

A Faculty Center staff member goes to the class and observes fromthe back of the classroom without disrupting the class activities throughout a typical class period. Detailed field notes are taken, including descriptions of what is occurring in the class and the observer's personal reflection.

After the class, a complete observation checklist is provided for the instructor. Detail discussion and interpretation of the observation results is followed up in a separate session.

To request a class visit, contact The Faculty Center at 2-2780.

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