The Faculty Center is often the initial point of contact for instructors interested in improving the quality of their teaching, dealing with a difficult classroom issue or interested in assessing student learning. As the faculty "Front Door" to the TLT organization we can pull from a 37-member strong team of experts in areas such as classroom technology, academic software, course delivery, online video conferencing, multimedia development, best practices in teaching and learning, and much more.

The Faculty Center offers workshops and consultation on all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment. We focus on three aspects of the faculty member: as a teacher, a scholar, and an individual. Our staff have the expertise to provide services that Stony Brook faculty want and need. In addition to individual consultation, The Center offers workshops for faculty, teaching assistants and post-doctoral fellows on pedagogy, assessment, curriculum, use of technology, and more.

The underlying philosophy that guides our work is constructivist, and seeks to move from a teacher-centered model to a learner-centered model that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning. To this end, we promote strategies that foster critical thinking, collaborative learning, case and problem-based learning, and inclusive, multicultural teaching.